Personalized Books

They’re a keepsake.  They’re a game.  THEY’RE FUN!

Kid’s love being the STAR in their own book…with their pictures and their name.

To order a personalized treasure hunt themed game book, just follow easy these steps:

1.  Submit an order request.  ORDER HERE.

2. When you receive a confirmation Email, follow the instructions to email 12 excellent pictures (large format, at least 300 pixels) along with the purchase form. VIEW PICTURE SMARTS

3.  When your order is ready, you will receive instructions to purchase your book at estore.

4.  Go to estore page, and complete the transaction and pay for item. 

5.  Books are shipped from Create Space or Amazon.   **Check out adding a Kindle copy to your order.


Carissa Cover Shadowed copyTake a look inside.

Other personalized themes: Baton Twirling, Gymnastics, Dance

Bailey cover Shadowed copy

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